Terms and Conditions

Overall provisions

The common conditions of sale will be applicable to all sales of “La rouge” products carried out through in the www.larougeshop.com website.


English is the language that has been used to enter any contract through this Website.

The consumers need to carefully read these Conditions that have been made available on the Website, however a copy of the conditions can be sent to the consumers via email upon the consumer’s request.


The contracts, defined below, are entered into with ‘La rouge’ through the Website are governed by Bangladeshi law.


Information on products and their availability


The Information on all Products, along with the product codes have been made available on the Website.


The Website does not contain every Product. The Products that are available on the Website are a selection of women’s bags. The pictures of the Products displayed on the Website may not always agree to their actual appearance due to Light reflections. For any further information, the Client may contact the ‘La rouge’. Products described are only on the available Website at present.


All the Products are subject to availability. At any time ‘La rouge’ reserves the right to revise limits on quantities available online from the Website. The models, colours and style of the Products defined on the Website may be changed without notice. During the process of transaction, the Client will be informed via an automated response as to when the order will be fulfilled or if the order cannot be processed due to the unavailability of the ordered Product.





The prices of all the Products are given on the Website in Taka and they include taxes and charges.

La rouge regularly checks that all the correct prices of the products are displayed on the Website, however, cannot guarantee the absence of errors. In the event of an error in the price of a Product discovered, La rouge will offer the consumer the opportunity to cancel the order or to buy the product at the correct price.


The consumer should make sure that they read and understand all the instructions provided during the procedure of the purchase along with the conditions before submitting an order. A consumer will have to fill in an order proposal and send it to La rouge through the Website to purchase a Product. First the consumer should add the Product in their “shopping bag” and then they should choose the “place order” option but only, after having read and accepted these conditions, with particular regard to the charges on delivery and the conditions of the right of cancellation, after having read the privacy policy statement, and then they should select their desired method of payment.


In case a consumer needs to correct any errors in data that they have entered, they will need to follow the process provided on the Website, before submitting an order. The consumers may change the quantity of Products that they mean to buy by adding or removing the number of Products from the “shopping bag”.


By placing an order proposal with La rogue, a consumer admits and states that (s)he has read all the instructions provided during the procedure of the purchase and completely accepts the conditions.


Method of payment


The consumers may pay for the products via Cash On Delivery or Mobile Banking


La rouge will accept payments made by the following credit cards:






The consumer’s credit card will be debited for the transaction only after:


(i) receiving an authorisation to debit the card from the issuer of the card used by the consumer,


(ii) verifying the data of the card and;


(iii) confirming the availability of the product by La rouge and the order is thus ready to be fulfilled.


In an event where it is impossible to debit amounts due from the consumer for any reason, the transaction will be put to stop and the sale will be cancelled.


Conclusion of the contract


The contract between the consumer and La rouge will be considered to be executed from the moment that the consumer receives confirmation from La rouge that his/her order, is sent through the process set out on the Website, has successfully been completed, and once the availability of the product is confirmed and the price for the product bought has been set out.

The consumer’s order will be binding on La rouge once the Website procedure for purchase is concluded without mistake.


La rouge reserves the right to fulfil any order partially in an event where one or more of the products ordered by the consumer is not available. In a case as such, only the amount to the partially fulfilled order will be debited.


La rouge is not accountable for errors due to the consumer’s connection to the Website.


On the successful completion of the procedure of purchase, La rouge will provide the consumer, via email, information on the essential features of the Products purchased, a detailed information of the, price and the means of payment, delivery charges, the methods and conditions of cancellation of the order, information on the exclusion of the right of cancellation, the address where complaints may be addressed and information on support services. The consumer should review this and immediately notify La Rouge in case of any errors or omissions.


 Invalidity of the order



No order will be considered accepted by La Rouge nor shall any contract be completed between La Rouge and the consumer if La Rouge has sensible reasons to believe that the consumer:


(i) Has an intention to buy the products for commercial purposes


(ii) Is attempting to exercise their right of cancellation in any unlawful manner.



In such a case, the order will be void and have no effect. La Rouge will notify the consumer, via email, of its non-approval of the order and the failure to complete the contract and will also cancel any debit and/or charge against the consumer.


Transport and delivery


Due to security reasons, products purchased from the Website will be delivered to the address registered on the debit/credit card unless the consumer indicates otherwise. At the time of delivery the signature of the consumer or of a nominated adult over 18 years of age will be necessary.


In case of payment by bank transfer, the ordered products will only be dispatched once the transfer has been received in cleared funds by La Rouge.


La Rouge will invoice the products by email or by post to the consumer for each order. The invoice will be based upon the information provided by the consumer at the time when the order is placed. After the invoice is issued, alterations to the invoice are not possible.


La Rouge will bear the delivery charges.


All the orders will be delivered by selected courier services Sunday and Thursday excluding Fridays, local or national holidays and HARTALS. La Rouge will not be accountable for delays that are unforeseeable and/or attributable entirely to the courier service provider



Products will be delivered within 4-6 working days from the day following that of the completion of the order, except when La Rouge informs the consumer, via email, within the same duration or by the last agreed date for the delivery, of the unavailability of the ordered products, including temporarily unavailable. In such an event, La Rouge will refund any amounts paid by the consumer for the order.


If the consumer desires to cancel the order in response to La Rouge’s notification of a delay in the delivery, any amount already paid by the consumer will be refunded as soon as possible, in all circumstances no later than 30 (thirty) days.


The consumer should ensure that he/she or his/her nominated representative is present at the delivery address specified on the order for delivery. At the time of delivery of the order, the consumer is needs to verify:


(i) whether the number of items delivered tallies to that indicated on the delivery note; and


(ii) or that the packet and its seals are not damaged or altered in any way. The consumer must immediately point out in writing on the Courier’s delivery note of any damages to the packaging and/or the product, or differences in the number of items or documentation. Once the consumer signs the Courier’s document and raises no objection, the consumer may not make any objection to the outer characteristics of the consigned parcel.


 dispatching and delivery confirmation


La Rouge will send the consumer a confirmation email once the orders are dispatched and a further email once the orders have been delivered.


 cancellation of orders


La Rouge strives for the complete satisfaction of its customer. The customer has the right to cancel the contract without specifying any reason, by returning the Products purchased from the Website within 14 (Fourteen) working days of the date the products received*.


 *PLEASE NOTE: LIDIA MAY handbags are excluded from 14days return policy and can only be returned if a manufacturing defect is found during point of sale.


To cancel an order the consumer must email the following to customerservices@larougeshop.com the order number

  • a notice of his/her intention to cancel the order;
  • the products which the consumer wishes to cancel the order for; and
  • the consumer’s bank details to which the refund is to be made if the consumer purchased the products via bank transfer,


La Rouge will refund the full price of the product as long as they are returned by the consumer within 14 days from the day consumer receives the order. And provided that the product is unworn, unused and undamaged, with the original invoice and original packaging. La Rouge will accept returns and exchanges of products that are delivered with a return/exchange label or adhesive or seal only if the instructions for return indicated above are fully complied with and the label or adhesive or seal is intact and attached to the Product.

The cost of returning the Products shall be borne by La Rouge.

Simple instructions for the return of the products are provided in the website.

It is strongly advised that the Products should be returned using a courier referred by the La Rouge customer services team. La Rouge will not be responsible for refund or compensation of the Products that returned but not received by La Rouge. Hence, it is strongly advised to obtain receipt of shipment of the return items.

If a consumer wishes to amend or cancel an order then He/she must immediately send an email to customerservices@larougeshop.com


La Rouge will make every effort to satisfy the consumer’s request. But, once the Product is dispatched, it cannot be cancelled or revised. Dispatched products can however be returned as set out in these conditions.


Delivery charge for the return of the product is borne by La Rouge.



Any disagreements that arise from the understanding, validity and/or implementation of these General Conditions will be subject to the required territorial jurisdiction.




For assistance in purchasing online or more information about La Product larougeshop.com, you may contact the La Rouge Customerservices team at the following e-mail address:

customerservices@larougeshop.com or call 01703862257


Our Customer Assistance team is available by phone between 9 AM and 7 PM (DST), Sundray through Thursay.


You can reach LaRouge by mail at:


Plot # 1,

Gonaktuli Lane